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Luna's Little Friend (ukulele instrumental)

uploaded: Fri, Feb 27, 2015 @ 12:12 AM last modified: Fri, Feb 27, 2015 @ 12:18 AM  (add)
byIvan Chew
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A little ditty I composed as I was learning how to play the ukulele. Imagine sitting under the gaze of the moon; you’re one of its many friends under the ageless sky.

This tune is based on the chords of F, C, Dm and Bb (hmm, I think it’s a Bb), arranged with a repeated verse and chorus; 90 BPM. The dry stems (bass + 4 uke tracks) are in a zipped file.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Bass+Ukulele

  • /Stems - Luna's Little Friend/.DS_Store (6.00KB)
  • /Stems - Luna's Little Friend/Bass_dry.flac (7.52MB)
  • /Stems - Luna's Little Friend/Ukulele 1_dry.flac (9.19MB)
  • /Stems - Luna's Little Friend/Ukulele 2_dry.flac (7.74MB)
  • /Stems - Luna's Little Friend/Ukulele 3_dry.flac (7.53MB)
  • /Stems - Luna's Little Friend/Ukulele 4_dry.flac (9.80MB)
  • /__MACOSX/Stems - Luna's Little Friend/._.DS_Store (120)

"Luna's Little Friend (ukulele instrumental)"
by Ivan Chew

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