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The man who came to prosper

uploaded: Sat, Sep 19, 2015 @ 8:23 AM
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It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

Very true! But man does it hurt sometimes!!

It might have been a trick of light
Or maybe just a trick of fate
I was waiting to see you but of course you were late
You had said don’t I care
I said when you’re not there
There’s a hole in my head and my heart
No one can repair

I will always be your man
I will always be the one
Who will always be there
I’ll always be there

You say it’s a good feeling
To be dancing in the evening
With a man that you love
Oh I hope that’s me
You say that we can be
Whatever we want to be
As long as we still remain free I’m not sure what that means

But I’m, I’m dancing in the light
You’re moving far to fast
And I’m trying to get up tight
I hope this feeling lasts again

And if we should ever part
Because there’s some magic in anothers heart
I hope that we can remain friends
The fear in us kills us both
Even though you will have your hopes
I will always remember the way you held me in the dark

When we were free
Before time came and took us and twisted us
And made us what we are
What we are
What we are
What we are
I can’t remove the picture of your face
No matter what I do
I cannot remove the picture of your face
Oh no matter what I do
What I do
No matter what I do
It’s always you

"The man who came to prosper"
by radiotimes

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