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My Life

uploaded: Thu, Aug 9, 2012 @ 8:55 PM
FeaturingStephen Wilson
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I had some lyrics sent to me by Syenta asking if I could come up with some Johnny Cash sort of mix. My immediate response was “hey these words are from the lost job, wife left, dog died school” and I replied that I thought it best to put them to an up tempo rock track.

However after singing them through a few times I ended up with this which as the song says” life just goes round in circles”

My Life by Stephen Wilson

I was born on the river where the water runs so slow.
I was born on a river which had no place to go.
The land all around was devoid of trees and a soul.
I was born on a river that became my home.
My Ma and Pa had lived here all their lives.
They work flat out to carve out a life.
But things were hard and the drink didn’t help.
And died together in a domestic gun fight.
So at the age of 20 I made up my mind.
To get out of there and find me a wife.
I headed for the city where I felt out of place.
In dungarees, boots, straw hat and a pipe.
There I found Sue who like me had left home.
To find herself a fortune, husband and son.
So we hooked up for a day but tied the knot.
Happy in marital bliss and totally broke.
The baby came soon after and we called him Hank.
He screamed and screamed both day and night.
But we sorted that out real damned quick.
With a shot of Bourbon and water mix
Life in the city didn’t work out as planned.
No money in the bank and debts sky high.
So on to the Greyhound and straight back home.
Back to the river where the water runs so slow.
Life on the river is real damn hard.
Nickel and dime pay for loading a barge.
But whiskey is cheap at a dollar a shot.
Hank aged now ten comes out on top.
Life they say goes round in circles.
That could be true after shooting my wife.
My son’s in care soon to be fostered.
While I languish here incarcerated.

"My Life"
by radiotimes

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