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uploaded: Sun, Jan 11, 2009 @ 3:38 PM
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Artificial is a weird little tune I wrote a long time ago. I’m not sure if it has any potential but I decided to upload it anyway. There is no compression, fx, or eq on it—it’s totally raw.

I recorded this acappella with a click track at 111. Please have fun with it.

Key of G
(Lots of F and A flat chords used)



Beauty lies

You don’t see what you believe
Poison eyes flashing blue and gold and green
In disguise in the flashes of the ghosts and vague
Beware my dear, for it is a haunted place

Give, please give some more
There’s so much left to invoke
Must there be reason or sense
It’s just the grandest joke

Beautiful people
Glitter and stars

The blackness gleams with an edge
You should not go this far


Little world of regular and steadfast ways
Jeweled hands beckon towards the night
The night is young and revelers are still at play
The stroke of twelve so many hours left ‘til light

They dance a frantic dance
They skitter and they glide
They host a frivolous masque
They take you deep inside

Pretty and perfect
Silver and gold
You don’t see rot and decay
The edges trimmed with mold


Bloody spot upon gray suit and your new white shirt
There’s no need to wipe it away
Come with us, we promise that you won’t get hurt
In fact you’ll never know or want or hurt again

A festive sacrifice, a grin behind a mask
You go but you’ll never leave
Forget the world you had

Beautiful people, glitter and stars
Everyone loves you here, everyone knows who you are



by queeniemusic

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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