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black ops requiem

uploaded: Fri, Sep 9, 2011 @ 12:45 AM last modified: Fri, Sep 9, 2011 @ 12:53 AM  (add)
byTomas PhUsIoN
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always liked orchestral scores so gave it a bash.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Tubed By You: Samples

  • /BOR/BOR choir intro.mp3 (600.94KB)
  • /BOR/BOR choir.mp3 (3.60MB)
  • /BOR/BOR orchstr section.mp3 (3.60MB)
  • /BOR/BOR rev cyb and crash.mp3 (3.60MB)
  • /BOR/BOR section stng1.mp3 (3.60MB)
  • /BOR/BOR section stng2.mp3 (3.60MB)
  • /BOR/BOR stng intro.mp3 (960.94KB)
  • /BOR/BOR toms hi.mp3 (3.60MB)
  • /BOR/BOR toms low.mp3 (3.60MB)
  • /BOR/BOR toms mid.mp3 (3.60MB)
  • /BOR/BOR trumpets.mp3 (3.60MB)
  • /BOR/BOR violas.mp3 (3.60MB)
  • /BOR/BOR violins.mp3 (3.60MB)
  • /BOR/BOR war fx.mp3 (960.94KB)

"black ops requiem"
by Tomas PhUsIoN

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