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Kafka (a poem)

uploaded: Sat, Jan 9, 2010 @ 6:06 PM
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I descended into Kafkas realm
a mire of dire surrealism
Where steps went down
and nighttime drowns
the sorrow
that we’re all participating
So reading, no, perhaps devouring
disbelieving this sad and souring
but truthful, sad and funny tale
i close the book, unfurl my sail
And yet began another day
the greyest day I’ve seen this May
Wondering if I would see a vision
some fantastical sign
that this was a prison
Like K in all the other stories
but i see nothing, a world without glories
A floral shop I pass on by
I sigh, the girl catches my eye
And grab a donut without thinking
and fall into my mind thats ever sinking
Tread along the street again
I still don’t know just where I am
and yet today some different streak
a red car crashes in the street
a flash of sparks, some noise and yet
I watch detached and hardly fret
and hardly blink and hardly move
they say “it could have crashed through you”
And something strange later that day
when at last it starts to rain
I look up and I see a bird
and hear something I’ve never heard
I’m not quite sure just how to say
or put it into words today
But the tree and bird that May, it seems
was beaming it’s own specialty
i sigh for once, a quiet space
and time is for a time displaced
I hear a voice, do not tarry
hurry up get married
I laugh at this absurdity
disconnected from humanity
and realize I’m in Kafkas dream
Yet now I know I have some peace
Repeat until the end of time
a broken hearted romance rhyme
a breath with no perception
an echo, no it’s just deception
knowing that i’ve seen it before
breaking though the forth wall- that’s absurd
and yet
i get
the impression that
the true fact
is I’m free at last
as Kafka puts his pen to me
I smile at him, and say, let’s see
I don’t think I’ll do that today
I’ll live beyond the printed page
and maybe instead of trudging along
i’ll make up a wordless silly song
and so in this way i ascended
or at least i seemed to bend it
as far as it would go that day
no ordinary day in May

"Kafka (a poem)"
by ozjthomas

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