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Remix Contest - Bicycle Themed Samples

uploaded: Thu, Feb 22, 2007 @ 2:43 AM
byPeloton Musique LLC
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New Label - Peloton Musique
Remix Contest

Our first release (catalog no.: PEL-001) will be a limited-edition 2xLP bicycle-themed compilation, featuring remixes of a custom sample kit comprised of air pump blasts, spoke plucks, brake compresses, and sprocket click-clacks. We still believe in the power of vinyl as an artistic medium, and we plan on launching this release with full gatefold artwork and bonus extras.

Submissions will be graded on unique and creative interpretations of the bicycle theme. See enclosed txt file in zip, and/or website for more detail
See "How I Did It"

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /pShoeClippedInHeel_Rim.wav (35.27KB)
  • /pShoeClippedInMid.wav (34.33KB)
  • /pShoeClippedInToe.wav (51.49KB)
  • /pShoeClipWalk.wav (4.56MB)
  • /pShoeRatchet.wav (27.26KB)
  • /pShoeVelcro1.wav (38.75KB)
  • /pShoeVelcro2.wav (88.81KB)
  • /pShoeVelctroTick.wav (414)
  • /pSpokePluck1.wav (41.37KB)
  • /pSpokePluck2.wav (282.87KB)
  • /pSpokePluck3.wav (25.87KB)
  • /pSpokePluck4.wav (151.62KB)
  • /pSpokePluck5.wav (151.24KB)
  • /pSprocketClick1.wav (3.91KB)
  • /pSprocketClick2.wav (2.35KB)
  • /pSprocketClick3.wav (2.23KB)
  • /pSprocketClicks.wav (420.12KB)
  • /pStemAirBurst_ClosedHat.wav (18.04KB)
  • /pStemAirBurst_ClosedHat2.wav (33.21KB)
  • /pStemAirBurst_Edit.wav (206.93KB)
  • /pStemAirBurst_Shaker.wav (29.81KB)
  • /pStemAirBurst_Shaker2.wav (51.30KB)
  • /pStemAirBurst_Snare.wav (47.32KB)
  • /readme.txt (666)
  • /pAirOutside.wav (252.87KB)
  • /pAirOutside2.wav (138.12KB)
  • /pBell.wav (102.14KB)
  • /pBrake.wav (66.77KB)
  • /pBrakeCompress.wav (49.38KB)
  • /pBrakeFadeBass.wav (65.37KB)
  • /pBrakeOff.wav (62.74KB)
  • /pBrakeOn.wav (66.49KB)
  • /pBrakeRelease.wav (62.83KB)
  • /pBrakeRelease2.wav (40.15KB)
  • /pBrakeSnap.wav (51.77KB)
  • /pGearChange0.wav (456.12KB)
  • /pGearChange1.wav (22.12KB)
  • /pGearChange2.wav (57.12KB)
  • /pGearChangeClick.wav (4.04KB)
  • /pGearChangeRough.wav (1.59MB)
  • /pGearChangeSharp.wav (16.78KB)
  • /pGearChangeSharp2.wav (10.09KB)
  • /pPumpAir.wav (226.99KB)
  • /pScratchy.wav (44.37KB)
  • /pShoeClippedIn.wav (327.87KB)
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"Remix Contest - Bicycle Themed Samples"
by Peloton Musique LLC

2007 - Licensed under
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