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Nicolas Kern - My Path

uploaded: Fri, Feb 6, 2009 @ 7:30 AM
byNicolas Kern
FeaturingJulien Nicolas
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Videoclip of My Path by Nicolas KERN, the first single of his forthcoming album.

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  • /MyPath/Bass JP8k - 2.mp3 (359.69KB)
  • /MyPath/Bass M1 Organ.mp3 (392.35KB)
  • /MyPath/days couplet.mp3 (113.78KB)
  • /MyPath/days.mp3 (19.39KB)
  • /MyPath/drum kit nico.mp3 (363.27KB)
  • /MyPath/my path.txt (586)
  • /MyPath/night all.mp3 (120.41KB)
  • /MyPath/Organ bass JP8k.mp3 (367.86KB)
  • /MyPath/Organ JP8k.mp3 (365.31KB)
  • /MyPath/Pad D50.mp3 (438.27KB)
  • /MyPath/Piano EWQLSO.mp3 (372.45KB)
  • /MyPath/Pick Bass M1 double new.mp3 (402.55KB)
  • /MyPath/Pick Bass M1 normal.mp3 (371.43KB)
  • /MyPath/Ping JP8k.mp3 (242.35KB)
  • /MyPath/seasons all.mp3 (138.27KB)
  • /MyPath/Solo piano double changed EWQLSO.mp3 (375.00KB)
  • /MyPath/Solo piano double EWQLSO.mp3 (358.16KB)
  • /MyPath/Solo piano double hammer changed EWQLSO.mp3 (375.00KB)
  • /MyPath/Solo piano simple bas EWQLSO.mp3 (380.61KB)
  • /MyPath/Solo piano simple EWQLSO.mp3 (405.61KB)
  • /MyPath/Solo piano simple mi EWQLSO.mp3 (358.16KB)
  • /MyPath/Solo piano simple ou pas EWQLSO.mp3 (358.16KB)
  • /MyPath/solo.mp3 (2.03MB)
  • /MyPath/subite all.mp3 (106.12KB)
  • /MyPath/time couplet.mp3 (148.47KB)
  • /MyPath/time.mp3 (18.88KB)
  • /MyPath/Violins Tremollo EWQLSO.mp3 (358.16KB)
  • /MyPath/years all.mp3 (155.10KB)

"Nicolas Kern - My Path"
by Nicolas Kern

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