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16 synth and drum loops - 20091121

uploaded: Tue, Nov 24, 2009 @ 8:11 AM last modified: Tue, Nov 24, 2009 @ 8:15 AM  (add)
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here’s another set of synth and drum loops i made from scratch using the seq24 midi sequencer, hydrogen drum machine and zynaddsubfx on ubuntu linux.
check out the preview. it is just a sketch. would be cool if somebody would like to collaborate on this to develop it into something cooler. maybe some good hip hop lyrics could be added. i’ve also included the midi file and a screenshot of how the song plays out. also check out the technical information on the “how i did it” page. i uploaded the loops in flac and ogg formats. let me know if you need anything else like wav or mp3. and let me know what you think of it!

i call this preview “påstmann pætt” because when my number 2 son first heard it he immediately started saying “postmann pat” to the beat =)

a friend just told me it sounds a little like kraftwerk.
See "How I Did It"

Contents of ZIP Archive: flac loops

  • /20091121_hyd_hihat_1.1.flac (113.72KB)
  • /20091121_hyd_hihat_1.flac (104.13KB)
  • /20091121_hyd_kick_1.flac (15.98KB)
  • /20091121_hyd_kick_snare.flac (40.84KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.1.1.flac (247.54KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.1.2.flac (276.96KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.1.flac (234.80KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.2.1.flac (241.23KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.2.2.flac (275.60KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.2.flac (232.89KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.1.1.flac (237.51KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.1.2.flac (154.76KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.1.flac (236.42KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.2.1.flac (257.82KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.2.2.flac (153.95KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.2.flac (248.31KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: ogg loops

  • /20091121_hyd_hihat_1.1.ogg (19.99KB)
  • /20091121_hyd_hihat_1.ogg (19.22KB)
  • /20091121_hyd_kick_1.ogg (7.26KB)
  • /20091121_hyd_kick_snare.ogg (13.76KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.1.1.ogg (75.64KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.1.2.ogg (76.15KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.1.ogg (75.15KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.2.1.ogg (75.78KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.2.2.ogg (76.54KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_2.2.ogg (75.03KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.1.1.ogg (64.22KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.1.2.ogg (56.42KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.1.ogg (64.51KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.2.1.ogg (71.36KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.2.2.ogg (56.63KB)
  • /20091121_zyn_bass4_4.2.ogg (71.19KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: png screenshot

  • /20091121_midi_song.png (20.63KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: zynaddsubfx params file

  • /20091121.xmz (2.74KB)

"16 synth and drum loops - 20091121"
by Nickleus

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