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So Long Gone

uploaded: Sat, Jan 26, 2008 @ 3:50 PM
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I’m posting this before I chicken out. Cause this is country! It started as almost a verbatim copy of an old journal entry…and through no choice on my part forced its way out of my psyche as a country song! I didn’t mean to write it :( Really!

But after saying that…my hope is that it can be transformed into something not country….or maybe it needs to be all the way country so I can exorcise my demons :)

Look forward to hearing what you think!


I woke up this morning and wondered
if this sorrow ever goes away
or do we just get better
at filling the spaces in between

Tonight I’m paralyzed by lonliness
and it clutches at the edges of my heart
I know it’s time, I know it’s the truth
I know you’re gone, baby so long gone

Lover, lover shed no tears
I’m done crying over you

I should have know right from the start
that you were ever meant for me
I knew it forever, I saw it everyday
you were always looking forward, never my way

I was a victim of my own foolish dreams
begging for peices, pieces of you heart
I know it’s true and it’s never going to change
I know you’re gone, baby so long gone

"So Long Gone"
by narva9

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