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Kara's clap

uploaded: Sat, Dec 1, 2012 @ 3:27 AM last modified: Sat, Dec 1, 2012 @ 4:40 AM  (add)
byMy Free Mickey
FeaturingKara Square
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Everything is made out of that single clap from Kara.

It was started as a experiment, with the clap sample
I put some effect on it. copied it, time-stretched, more effects, Cu and paste;;

It was very challenging and it took a serious effort to create a nice sound. especially the kicks.

The result is short and definably not perfect. But on one hand a great exercises

Contents of ZIP Archive: Gift of Song Samples

  • /01--Bass-no-a-clap--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clap.flac (191.23KB)
  • /01--Track 01--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clap.flac (238.96KB)
  • /01--Track 02--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clapl.flac (321.25KB)
  • /01--Track 03--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clap.flac (598.42KB)
  • /01--hh-no-Clap--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clap.flac (87.13KB)
  • /01--hi-Nooo-Claap--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clap.flac (74.05KB)
  • /01--kick-No-Clap--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clapl.flac (30.31KB)
  • /01--lead-no-clap--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clap.flac (772.17KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Gift of Song Samples

  • /01--Track 04--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clap.flac (530.31KB)
  • /01--Track 10--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clap.flac (554.55KB)
  • /01--Track 12--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clapl.flac (891.10KB)
  • /02--Track 12--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clapl.flac (852.34KB)
  • /04--Track 11--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clap.flac (1.34MB)
  • /05--Track 11--- 143--MyFreeMickey-Kara's_clapl.flac (187.97KB)

"Kara's clap"
by My Free Mickey

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