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uploaded: Sun, Sep 13, 2020 @ 10:19 AM last modified: Sun, Sep 13, 2020 @ 10:20 AM  (add)
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mwic: Here’s what it would sound like if Carl from Sling Blade did a hip hop record.

It’s still mysterious to me why “art rap” isn’t a widely discussed sub-genre. I think Open Mike Eagle coined the term, and the tradition goes back to 80s De La Soul, but ‘round these parts Donnie & I maintain a monopoly on the tag.

Probably all of you have seen this, but I absolutely love for exploring the rich inter- and hyper-textuality of the form. Here are some more links, because after all this IS hypertext y’know:

“Why you should be paying attention to Art Rap”

“WTF is Art-Rap”

Record needle sound CC-BY, from Soundbox:

This song on RG:


gotta do this
this one’s for fu-chip

God of quick licks — not a big hit. Who cares? spiggity-spare me where we goin’, growin’s slowin’ jon bon jovin’ mi re do-in’
save your flavor of the weakness, hip hop savior give it up make you hemidemisemiquavers on the paper
ain’t gonna be no takers ‘til you take your time, make peace and make your rhyme
you make it big enough, hip enough, slick enough, thick enough
stick it up hoc haec hickity hike hut, gidyup, hip hup, spit, spout, flip out, shout more, crowd whore, now you’re
bigger than jesus, sicker than sneezes, dicker than butkis
gutless — what did he say? — fucdis
say it again and again kitty ken ken biggity spend in a bender, men in a blender
new car caviar, when you wish upon the star that I know you are
you stick your neck out, and you get out, and you shake hands, and you make friends,
and you take them to Snowflake Lake, and for god’s sake you can’t wait
you gotta go and do somethin’, everbody’s jumpin’
the ship is bumpin’, the master’s drunken
his breath is stinking, the boat is sinking,
drink a dance and do a little wishwaterfall thinking

by mwic

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Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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