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What Am I (feat. Plockboy)

uploaded: Sat, Apr 2, 2011 @ 6:03 AM last modified: Sat, Apr 2, 2011 @ 6:04 AM  (add)
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To give an idea of how “What Am I?” can be put together. This has a 90bpm AdmiralBob beat on it, but some sections of the rap work better at other tempos.
The chorus (“I know you are.. “) seriously needs a real singer.
Pella is here

What am I, a vegetarian? I got a beef, I’m gonna take it up with the big chief and if he gives me grief I got a little somethin’ up my sleeve.
I don’t spell relief R, oh hell, hey I detest this pitiful politeness I protest. Let me get this on my chest:
I got used to lettin’ it slide, and it’s tearin’ me up inside.
The misguideed tide is nationwide outside. You can’t hide — you’re bound to collide. You’ve gotta decide what’s true and what’s tried,
and I’ve selected regicide.

What am I, a pacifist? I’m gonna fight I just might be a soldier.
What am I, an abacus? I got a microchip set on my should, and I’m counting
All the crimes that made you turn a blind eye, and all the tears that fell on your deaf ears. And it looks bad, buster.

You better be thinkin’ about cuttin’ a deal, before your buddy squeals.
What am I, the seven dwarfs? I work my ass off but I can’t whistle.
What am I, a flower child? I say hats off to the nuclear missile.

What am I, an earthworm? I got a bone to pick, gonna find the HBIC and tell her
She better fix up the mix up and quick.
Sometimes you kick and sometimes you get kicked, and I’m thinkin’ it’s all conected.
Flick on the electric brick pick channel six, but I’m sick of the same old same old
Chicks and hicks and pricks and schtick and tricks and trade and cliques and hate and licks and tones, and conflicts, and sticks, and stones.
Gonna go it alone, set a cornerstone with my own backbone.
I build my throne, then I moan and groan. I wanna go home, ‘cause I’ve always known.
I’ve always known…

"What Am I (feat. Plockboy)"
by mwic

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Creative Commons
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