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3001: a space oddity (plurgid's secret mix)

uploaded: Mon, Dec 3, 2007 @ 7:32 PM
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Well, here’s my secret mixter entry - way behind as usual. I haven’t had alot of time to mix lately, but I figured I should at least post what I have.

When I got my secret mixter notification, and started listening to some of plurgid’s mixes and samples, I noticed he had just moved to my home town of Huntsville, AL… coincidence or fate?

Hmm… either way, I figured since the secret mix was supposed to be “spooky” themed, I’d try to go with the whole “Huntsville: Rocket City” future/space atmosphere theme somehow.

Well, I went looking for some Orson Welles type old time radio samples I could use legally, and ended up finding this great sample from FreqMan on freesound. It wasn’t until a week later when I revisited my unfinished remix, looking through more of plurgids uploads, that I noticed he had also used some of FreqMan’s samples… coincidence again? Double weird. Either way, I couldn’t help but try to make the best mix I could for my fellow Hunts-‘villain’, but I just didn’t have enough free time and my creative juices just ain’t flowing lately.

All the beats and bass, and a few other parts are from plurgid. I threw in some synths, the FreqMan sample, and cuts of the Poet Laureate to try and round it out. I couldn’t seem to get very far past the 2 minute mark without running out of ideas.

Oh well, maybe I’ll revisit this again in the future (heheh) and see how it goes. Sorry it took so long to upload, plurgid.

"3001: a space oddity (plurgid's secret mix)"
by misterC

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