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You Matter (Happy Birthday)

uploaded: Fri, Dec 23, 2011 @ 6:19 AM last modified: Fri, Dec 23, 2011 @ 6:49 AM  (add)
byKara Square
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Before I found out about and joined ccMixter, I started thinking about copyright laws and how they’re just not always right… One of the first things to bring this to my attention was learning that the traditional song ”Happy Birthday to You” is still technically under copyright. Unauthorized public performances are technically illegal!

This inspired me to write a new happy birthday song… a CC-BY happy birthday song. I wanted the lyrics to convey more than just a casual greeting- actual affection for the person being celebrated. I also created this video to accompany the song.

Why haven’t I posted this until now? I wrote it 2 years ago- before starting this MMT solo project. I figure there might be some ccM folks who would dig remixing it and maybe sharing it with their loved ones. I figure it’s a good time for a new video. I’m hoping to use a remix of the song in the new video. Perhaps *yours*?

There are extra stems in the zip- drums and synth.

It’s your birthday and you matter
You matter
You bring tons of joy to all the people that you love
Your words and thoughts and feelings matter
You matter
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
It’s your birthday day today.

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  • /You_Matter/._1extraBEATS.R.wav (82)
  • /You_Matter/._1mainVOX.wav (82)
  • /You_Matter/._1pianoHIGH.L.wav (82)
  • /You_Matter/._1pianoHIGH.R.wav (82)
  • /You_Matter/._1pianoLOW.L.wav (82)
  • /You_Matter/._1pianoLOW.R.wav (82)
  • /You_Matter/._beepy_01.L.wav (82)
  • /You_Matter/._beepy_01.R.wav (82)
  • /You_Matter/._beetsHappyBirthday.L.wav (82)
  • /You_Matter/._beetsHappyBirthday.R.wav (82)
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  • /You_Matter/beepy_01.L.wav (2.99MB)
  • /You_Matter/beepy_01.R.wav (2.99MB)
  • /You_Matter/beetsHappyBirthday.L.wav (2.99MB)
  • /You_Matter/beetsHappyBirthday.R.wav (2.99MB)
  • /You_Matter/extraBEATS.L.wav (2.99MB)
  • /You_Matter/extraBEATS.R.wav (2.99MB)
  • /You_Matter/pianoHIGH.L.wav (2.99MB)
  • /You_Matter/pianoHIGH.R.wav (2.99MB)
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"You Matter (Happy Birthday)"
by Kara Square

2011 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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