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The Orchestral Movements of 1932

uploaded: Tue, Aug 25, 2009 @ 12:37 AM
byMC Jack in the Box
FeaturingJackson Torreal, Calling Sister Midnight, and MiElle
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This was a less than conventional approach for me. Which was why I really enjoyed this. Only the source tracks were used for this.

The Orchestral Movements of 1932 follows 2 virtual “acts” in parallel in the year 1932. The first act takes place on a Brooklyn streetcar, and follows the thoughts of a young woman from New York. The second act takes place simultaneously on the Paris Metro, as a young woman contemplates her thoughts and her life as she rides home from work.

As I explored Jackson’s back catalog of work, I was fortunate to have some really cool soundscapes to work with, which inspired me to pair up the wonderful spoken words of Calling Sister Midnight and MiElle. I tried to use a number of Jackson’s DnB based tracks as incidental sounds of the Metro, such as train track noise, passing sounds, etc. Also, I loved how sad the plain piano worked against MiElle’s words, and that served as a nice dropout as well.

"The Orchestral Movements of 1932"
by MC Jack in the Box

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