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I Think I Broke It (with BABADI)

uploaded: Tue, Jan 5, 2016 @ 3:42 AM
byMana Junkie
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i speak in condescending tones
got problems with authority
probably cause the author always tried to kill the kid in me
care less if this gets heard, for the birds like a soliloquy
guess i care a little, cause the vibe resides eternally
feed your child’s temple as well as their spirit
so they can grow up strong as hell and not have to fear shit
and when you get the chance, dance with wolves, teach ‘em moves
so they can make the fat pigs shake down to their hooves
and i want to say, fuck money, spread love
focus on the playing field, not below or above
pay it forward and it all just might come back to you
keep it copacetic like the world is run on credit due
and at the door, check your attitude
make sure it’s rude enough to spark and cool enough to defuse
make ‘em say damn… i think you broke it dude

Words written and spoken by BABADI

"I Think I Broke It (with BABADI)"
by Mana Junkie

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