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Indelible Choices

uploaded: Sat, Jul 30, 2011 @ 5:04 AM
byMana Junkie
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written and spoken by: SackJo
Choices may change
though indelible they remain
Like ink to skin
Worn in expressions stained by experience reflecting what you did and what you chose not to do
Worn in brief side eyed glances as you cross thresholds escorted by the ghosts of your decisions
Worn in distractions crystalized like breath on frozen window glass
where you pause to peer as you pass

As you pass there is no time
no time for regret.

My regrets are few, but deep
They are the gollum in my dreams and the clocks collected by my father
as if by surrounding himself by minutes and hours he will somehow linger longer.

I have neither a clock nor a mirror.
My life’s reflection transitory
Rear views
Your eyes

Choices may change but indelible they remain
so that experience is this experience.
Setting up decisions like destiny
Benchmarking probability
If these choices were odds
And I were a bookie placing bets
You could make a million bucks
Guessing what happens next.

Choices may change but indelible they remain
The dna of action
Infusing each reach with a legacy of intention
At times unrecognizable,
So that even soma’s messages cannot elucidate the options.
And other times
Clear, inspired, focused, righteous
Toched by divinity
So that those choices are delicate habingers of hope in a life of crises

Choices may change
Though indelible they remain
Link ink to skin
Coloring history with the hues of your decisions.

“Das gemeinsame Schicksal
written by Fredrich Schiller (1759-1805) recited by NilsB at

” Siehe, wir hassen, wir streiten, es trennet uns Neigung und Meinung, aber es bleichet indes dir sich die Locke wie mir.”

translation : “Look, we hate, we argue, our affectations and opinions drive a wedge between us. In the meantime your hair turns grey. Mine as well.”

"Indelible Choices"
by Mana Junkie

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