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Trigonometry (Pella)

uploaded: Sat, Sep 10, 2011 @ 4:23 PM
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A wry pella about the complexities of the modern music industry.


Song Lyrics

Trigonometry (What’s Your Angle)

Written by Kawaski J Nelson
Published Passion Mills Music (BMI).2011


Ooh, Uh huh … check it out!

It’s a hazy day overcast to my dimsay

I want the band to play, Benny and the green berets

No unicorns or ponies I want this ship to fly

So we encounter mainstream, artist say bye bye

You lazy leprechauns I watch you lay awake

They push the easy button corporate-osity can’t wait

I’m flaggin down the cabbie but he won’t ever stop

I guess I’ll travel lightly alternative or pop

It’s just so cheesy bread and really has no depth

You tell me sugar coat it, I’d rather exit left

Cause I’m not superman and baby you’re not Lois Lane

In fact you’re kryptonite packed inside some samsonite

No clout for Mr Whipple, so don’t go squeeze the charmin

You dropped your Hershey’s syrup, that’s ala Messy Marvin

It’s like when Warhol painted they couldn’t see his gift

So I’ll just package all my work and serve it up to stiffs

So see you at the Grammys, I’ll be the one in black

I mean the one that’s black, my oppsites attract

I’m so like Chuckie D and you’re my Flavor Flav

Ya rock a mohawk style, I’m more like hi-top fade

I guess I’m old school Tony with a future flair

Tell me how you want it, I’ll tell you I don’t care (sing)

I built the prototype, space age trippin time machine

I own like Don Cornelius did, so sell me Afro Sheen

Or maybe Charlie Sheen before he loved his press

I don’t believe the hype, give fame to someone else

What’s your angle is the question that I pose to you

They ask me can you write a hit, what am I s’possed to do

My economy is just like your economy

But my philosophy is more like trignometry

Again I study angles, relationships, and sides

I know how hard it is, shout out to Charlie Pride

And for the other side that hides behind the corporate eye

I see you looking at me my lawyer’s Earnest Frye

In other words it’s Amen, when I play man

Cause the way I feel I may quit any day man.


"Trigonometry (Pella)"
by KCentric

2011 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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