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uploaded: Fri, Nov 14, 2008 @ 6:30 PM
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My last remix was like getting back on a bicycle after a long winter. This one was more like going back to work after a few weeks of stress leave. It was rough going, and I sat on the whole thing for quite a while before being at all convinced that it was fit in any way for human consumption. Okay, so that’s only partially true.

The first half of the song, with the fancy rhythms was all painstakingly started, stopped, deleted, restarted later the same day, and otherwise forced out, and the track was originally going to be two minutes long and simply fade out at around the time the pan-delayed drums come in. The end certainly didn’t sit well, for reasons that would be pretty obvious to anyone who turns down the volume at the appropriate time to hear it for themselves, and the second part, the one with the dull bass drone and backwards guitars was pretty much a one-take deal and came together very quickly.

I did feel kind of bad about using only a very small bit of nickeus’ guitar riff, and only for a portion of the song (believe it or not, it’s never actually my intention to only use small bits of samples around vast amounts of my own ideas) so I further warped the riff and mixed it out only one speaker… logically.

There’s no real significance to the title, I just opened my spelling dictionary to a random page and picked the most interesting word.

Does it say something about me, that I chose oscillation over, say, orchid, orbit, organic, osmosis, ornery, or even orgasm, to name a few?

by jaspertine

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