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buttons breaking

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Ok guys, there is a LOT here. I included all the acapellas as well, although you will notice me stumbling over the words in a few spots when they’re naked. Apparently singing the same thing over and over again is too complicated for my small brain.

Each voice part is just singing the same thing over and over. Some are looped, some are me actually physically singing the same line repeatedly. There are positives and negatives to both approaches, but whatever. Also, I included the bit I played on the recorder because…I don’t know, because I was including everything else I guess? The standard disclaimer is that I do not play the recorder, I don’t even know how really, and this is one of those plastic jobbies we had to learn how to play in second grade. Why I still have it is anyone’s guess.

Oh yeah, the lyrics! They don’t make sense, but in case you’re wondering:

You were right and I was wrong
But I am right where I belong
I walk the line between noise and song
And I have been here all along.

Everything we tell them becomes diluted.
Everything we see disappears.
Dig your toes into the soil, taste the future
Do these things the same way that we have for years.

No one’s listening, no one cares
they don’t give a damn about anything you say
Why do we run when we know we only run away?

We like to think that we’re above the world
Outside of everything we see in them.
But if we take some time outside our skin to see the world we’re in
Maybe we’d have a different perspective.

This santoor piece of OD’s brought me great happiness and I felt like playing around with some percussion noises I pulled from freesound. This is the first time I have ever created percussion from the ground up using only samples so I feel as though I have accomplished something. I think I’m going to add vocals to it, but I thought I would upload it in this nascent state because…well, because I can’t add vocals when Mr. Espinosa is a-sleeping and because I feel accomplished and want to relish this feeling. :)

"buttons breaking"
by jacindae

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