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Good Liars

uploaded: Thu, Oct 14, 2010 @ 7:40 PM last modified: Thu, Oct 14, 2010 @ 7:50 PM  (add)
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Yeah…this pella has been mixed quite nicely by many different folks already. Admiral Bob had a nice little bluesy thing, there was that grooving reggae/dub track by penston; the eerie trance/dubstep song by Aamu; trippity hoppity R2-esque approach from The Spirit of Light; the more classical approach from Tenny; maineguy’s was a little more R&B; and Jonathan Data’s spacey journey.

I just felt that a grungy juxtoposition to tp Lisa’s soft and careful vocals was somehow missing from the selection. So, here it is!

I originally attempted to 8-bit it and convert everything to mono but was so pleased with the (100% synthesized) guitar sound that I couldn’t share it in anything less than 24 bits.

Contents of ZIP Archive: stems

  • /rock2-stem_Track 02.mp3 (4.15MB)
  • /rock2-stem_#Track 02.mp3 (4.15MB)
  • /rock2-stem_Autocord.mp3 (4.15MB)
  • /rock2-stem_Bass.mp3 (4.15MB)
  • /rock2-stem_CrookedMile.mp3 (4.15MB)
  • /rock2-stem_Track 01.mp3 (4.15MB)

"Good Liars"
by i2b

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