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And So...

uploaded: Mon, Oct 4, 2010 @ 10:50 PM last modified: Mon, Oct 4, 2010 @ 11:12 PM  (replace)
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I had to break up with someone today and made this track to help me get over the heart-wrenching experience.

Contents of ZIP Archive: sample pack

  • /SampleData/Instrument00 (bassDnB)/Sample00 (DnD_Bass_1_am_160bpm).flac (25.24KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument01 (breakAmen)/Sample00 (Amen).flac (81.58KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument02 (organ)/Sample00 (k303_organ_1).flac (21.46KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument02 (organ)/Sample01 (k303_organ_2).flac (24.89KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument02 (organ)/Sample02 (k303_organ_3).flac (26.72KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (kitReal)/Sample00 (studio_bassdrum3).flac (12.57KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (kitReal)/Sample01 (studio_snare1_laut).flac (21.26KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (kitReal)/Sample02 (studio_snare2_leise).flac (22.13KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (kitReal)/Sample03 (studio_snare3_leise).flac (27.97KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (kitReal)/Sample04 (hihat_closed).flac (17.08KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (kitReal)/Sample05 (hihat_foot).flac (22.34KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (kitReal)/Sample06 (hihat_open).flac (94.92KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (kitReal)/Sample07 (cymbal2).flac (124.98KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (kitReal)/Sample08 (tom_low).flac (53.21KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (kitReal)/Sample09 (tom_med_low).flac (46.56KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (kitReal)/Sample10 (tom_high).flac (30.75KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument04 (padAthmo1)/Sample00 (realtech).flac (26.69KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument05 (test5)/Sample00 (test5).flac (1.32MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument06 (test67)/Sample00 (test67).flac (20.90KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (test67)/Sample00 (test67).flac (105.61KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument10 (kit909)/Sample00 (bassdrum).flac (6.44KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument10 (kit909)/Sample01 (snaredrum).flac (12.45KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument10 (kit909)/Sample02 (clap).flac (16.91KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument10 (kit909)/Sample03 (909_f#3).flac (5.43KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument10 (kit909)/Sample04 (909_g#3).flac (15.90KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument10 (kit909)/Sample05 (tom_low).flac (16.47KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument10 (kit909)/Sample06 (909_d4).flac (11.66KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument10 (kit909)/Sample07 (crash_cymbal).flac (56.29KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument11 (test67)/Sample00 (test67).flac (1.14MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument14 (Diane_Jessurun_-_Not_Your_Normal_Girl)/Sample00 (Diane_Jessurun_-_Not_Your_Normal_Girl).flac (6.30MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument15 (New Sample 01)/Sample00 (New Sample 01).flac (1.22MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument17 (New Sample 02)/Sample00 (New Sample 02).flac (676.10KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample00 (New Sample 03).flac (21.38KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample01 (New Sample 04).flac (22.53KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample02 (New Sample 05).flac (6.38KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample03 (New Sample 06).flac (16.65KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample04 (New Sample 07).flac (17.67KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample05 (New Sample 08).flac (39.55KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample06 (New Sample 09).flac (46.01KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample07 (New Sample 10).flac (20.72KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample08 (New Sample 11).flac (22.26KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample09 (New Sample 12).flac (10.57KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample10 (New Sample 13).flac (18.19KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample11 (New Sample 14).flac (19.00KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample12 (New Sample 15).flac (30.63KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample13 (New Sample 16).flac (8.91KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample14 (New Sample 17).flac (30.00KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 03)/Sample15 (New Sample 18).flac (11.24KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample00 (New Sample 19).flac (20.12KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample01 (New Sample 20).flac (23.76KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample02 (New Sample 21).flac (9.30KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample03 (New Sample 22).flac (20.37KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample04 (New Sample 23).flac (14.53KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample05 (New Sample 24).flac (36.49KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample06 (New Sample 25).flac (8.91KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample07 (New Sample 26).flac (38.19KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample08 (New Sample 27).flac (12.01KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample09 (New Sample 28).flac (17.21KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample10 (New Sample 29).flac (25.40KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample11 (New Sample 30).flac (26.83KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample12 (New Sample 31).flac (22.69KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample13 (New Sample 32).flac (18.93KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 19)/Sample14 (New Sample 33).flac (40.95KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument20 (New Sample 34)/Sample00 (New Sample 34).flac (620.69KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument21 (New Sample 35)/Sample00 (New Sample 35).flac (11.85KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument21 (New Sample 35)/Sample01 (New Sample 36).flac (10.18KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument21 (New Sample 35)/Sample02 (New Sample 41).flac (11.54KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument21 (New Sample 35)/Sample03 (New Sample 38).flac (16.27KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument21 (New Sample 35)/Sample04 (New Sample 43).flac (9.52KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument21 (New Sample 35)/Sample05 (New Sample 42).flac (20.94KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument22 (NotaNormalGirlvox2)/Sample00 (NotaNormalGirlvox2).flac (1,004.99KB)

"And So..."
by i2b

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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