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Over (and over (and over!)!)!

uploaded: Thu, Jan 5, 2012 @ 4:38 AM
byHans Atom
FeaturingThe Somach Aches
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This one got a pretense of Death Metal. Found the beautiful and truely nightingale-like voice of Mr. N of The Stomach Aches on ccmixter in December, did the remix over christmas and found out yesterday that Mr. N´s ccmixter-account was deleted. So I was sad, asked him if it was still cc and he said yes and I was happy and put the voice with all the other things into the stems to publish them as samples. The song got heavy guitars and a beautiful bass. The final remix is here:
everything else in the stems folder. Feel free to put it under your homevideos or whereever you want!
The voice might not be safe for work.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /stems/bass.mp3 (5.50MB)
  • /stems/drums.mp3 (5.50MB)
  • /stems/guitars.mp3 (5.50MB)
  • /stems/instrumental.mp3 (5.50MB)
  • /stems/synth.mp3 (5.50MB)
  • /stems/The Stomach Aches Pella Ritual.mp3 (5.50MB)

"Over (and over (and over!)!)!"
by Hans Atom

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