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All Her Memories After He Has Gone

uploaded: Sun, May 8, 2016 @ 4:05 AM
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When I create music, I usually take samples for a little ride. I liberally change them, re-inhabit them, and sometimes make them quite different than the samples with which I started. Spinningmerkaba has great samples—meaty guitars, booming bass, intriguing guitars and fun synthesizers. I decided to create this mix so that Spinningmerkaba’s samples retain most of their original sound, but in which the song is thoroughly Gurdonarked nonetheless. My compositional tools for this were Audacity and the IXI Software tool Noiser, which takes samples and makes them into generative songs.

The title envisions that sad yet poignant nostalgia in remembering a relationship that is irretrievably over.


"All Her Memories After He Has Gone"
by gurdonark

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