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uploaded: Sun, Jun 20, 2010 @ 2:36 AM
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Last night I helped a neighbor hunt a greyhouse who had gone astray. The neighbors had had the newly-adopted full-grown greyhound only a couple of weeks. The greyhound had slipped through a partially-open door.

We don’t know these neighbors well at all, but when a neighbor says “have you seen a greyhound”, you do what you can.

Searching for a sleek, swift moving pet is like creating a remix—a lot of frenzy, and hopefully a safe dog located at the end.

Kelly the Greyhound is now safely at home. Her owner’s search was successful. I was able to spot Kelly a time or two, but I was not part of really finding her. Yet I was proud to be a seeker. I got to meet Kelly’s greyhound friend, a cool customer named Kidd. One of Kidd’s dog treats would last my dogs for a week.

Spinningmerkaba’s samples are capable of being used for so much. I created this humble mix, called “Seeker”, not knowing when I made it that I’d be seeking a greyhound named Kelly.

by gurdonark

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