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uploaded: Sun, Dec 9, 2007 @ 4:42 AM
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“Duty is a hard, mechanical process for making men do things that love would make easy. It is a poor understudy to love and too low a motive for inspiring humanity. Whie love is the soul, duty is a mere shell. Love can trasmute all responsibilities into privileges, all duties into joys”.
—William George Jordan

I like that in music listening, one can permit oneself the joy of a bit of aimless wandering. This piece is a simple dawdle whose purpose is to soundtrack daydreams.

During the making of this remix, I had my own daydreams. I took pictures of them, from a hike in Bonham State Park, a temote little cedar forest on a lake in Fannin County, Texas USA, with my cameras, including in particular my Mikona DV-8, whose 1/3rd of a megapixel resolution gives its images a suitably daydreamy haze.

If you’d like to share my hike, click here:

by gurdonark

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