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Longing for Home

uploaded: Sun, Nov 25, 2007 @ 7:21 PM
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“The calm of the fog dulled the mind. Fishing so lonely, they hummed home songs, so as not to scare the fish away. Ideas came more slowly and seldom; they seemed to expand, filling in the space of time, without
leaving any vacuum. They dreamed of incoherent and mysterious things, as if in slumber, and the woof of their dreams was as airy as fog itself”.—from the public domain work “An Iceland Fisherman”, by Pierre Loti, translated by Jules Cambon.

The holidays bring for many the disparity between the idea of home and its actuality. This piece seeks to set a chill mood of warm hope for those who find their home in sharing warmth with others.

Additional sample attribution:
I used a attribution Creative Commons sample by Toby Sinkinson, soundtransit number 990, East Trinity Skerwink trail trees,in Newfoundland, Canada, complements the French crickets from the region of Ain in the piece.

Danish pataphysical film-maker Sam Rensiew created a fascinating video for this song which may be viewed here:

American film-maker Jennifer Proctor created the lovely video “Lonely Balloon”, which uses this song as its soundtrack here:

"Longing for Home"
by gurdonark

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