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O Fortuna (Bowl of Fresh Milk Mix)

uploaded: Fri, Apr 13, 2012 @ 7:33 PM
FeaturingAnchor Méjans, annabloom, Charlie Beresford, Exorcist, Eternal Jazz Project, Jeff Wahl, projectQUESTION
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Normally Anchor’s vocals get a fairly naturalistic treatment from me, but hopefully he’ll forgive my decision to go the heavily-treated route here; the abridged version of the lyrics are as follows:

O Fortune
Just like the moon, you change your face
Always increasing or decreasing
the passage of our lives

Often full, then empty
Your revolving wheel,

Shadowed and veiled,
You haunt me-
As through your games,
I bare my back to your lash

So all you,
Come now, and weep
Come now, and weep with me

"O Fortuna (Bowl of Fresh Milk Mix)"
by duckett

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