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Lemon Haze

uploaded: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 @ 8:23 PM last modified: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 @ 9:32 PM  (add)
byDJ Vadim
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Another track from Dj Vadim!

Contents of ZIP Archive: Sample Pak 1 - bass, disc

  • /lemon haze bass2.flac (6.30MB)
  • /lemon haze breathing heart bt.flac (9.03MB)
  • /lemon haze crac.flac (12.24MB)
  • /lemon haze disco drum2.flac (1.59MB)
  • /lemon haze disco drum3.flac (6.09MB)
  • /lemon haze disco drums.flac (8.08MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Sample Pak 2 - hat, drums

  • /lemon haze fx_intro.flac (7.41MB)
  • /lemon haze hat.flac (5.10MB)
  • /lemon haze hat2.flac (3.73MB)
  • /lemon haze house drums.flac (2.43MB)
  • /lemon haze kbe vox.flac (2.58MB)
  • /lemon haze kik.flac (960.64KB)
  • /lemon haze ms20.flac (5.65MB)
  • /lemon haze pads.flac (10.45MB)
  • /lemon haze perc loop.flac (2.90MB)
  • /lemon haze perc loop2.flac (2.27MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Sample Pak 3 - loops, syn

  • /lemon haze perc loop3.flac (6.70MB)
  • /lemon haze pugs rap.flac (6.75MB)
  • /lemon haze slo drum loop.flac (1.85MB)
  • /lemon haze sn.flac (1.83MB)
  • /lemon haze sn2.flac (9.20MB)
  • /lemon haze sn3.flac (5.01MB)
  • /lemon haze sn4.flac (6.91MB)
  • /lemon haze sub bass and outro.flac (3.71MB)
  • /lemon haze synth.flac (5.86MB)

"Lemon Haze"
by DJ Vadim

2012 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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