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uploaded: Sat, Apr 22, 2017 @ 7:31 AM
byChandan Boruah
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Lekhibo nuwara kotha jodi hunu ketiyaba
tetiya kiyo nu matiboloi misate bisarimba
(The words that I can’t write, if I hear those words
Why wouldn’t I want to call you?)

tumalukok ekebare koisu huniboloi sesta kora
morom nuware ketiyao hobo feeling hyaloi naniba
(I am asking you all, try to listen
Love cannot be a feeling, don’t bring it to your heart.)

gom etiya pali toi
xokolu kolu dekhun moi
anor dukhot masty loi
tenekaye jibon hoi
(Now you know
I told you all
Takes fun in others sufferings
Life is like that)

kyonu baru torabure monoloi ani thoi jaai
oteet mosiboloi sesta koriu para nai je moi
(Why does stars bring thoughts to mind
Even though I try, I cannot erase my past)
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by Chandan Boruah

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