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Matrix Access Denied

uploaded: Wed, Dec 14, 2016 @ 9:43 PM last modified: Wed, Dec 14, 2016 @ 9:46 PM  (add)
byChandan Boruah
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verse 1:
bhabisilu moi password dilu hazaar akhoror
bhoi lagisil access denied xobo systemor
muk he systeme hack koribo zen lagisil
matrix system must die aye hoisil

(I thought I gave 1000 letter password
I was afraid I would get access denied to the system
I might only get hacked by the system I felt
matrix system must die this was happening)

olop type kori enter maridilu xeten
screen khon burn xobo dhoril ratir 10
nirdukhee xomoi, kintu bhal laagi jai
dhwoni aru akhor xoklur timing theeke pai

(After typing a bit I would have pressed enter
But the screen started buring at night 10
Time is innocent, but I love it
Sound and letters all were in sync good timing)

screenor picturey matrixor puzzle solve kora
monor kotha hadron collider hot plasma
biswaakh aye odbhut prithivit ki hoi jai
khali thai puron kora, ondhokaar black hole hoi

(Using screen’s images solve the matrix puzzle
Mind’s thoughts, hardon collider hot plasma
Its my belief that this strange world what happens
Its like fill in the blanks, its a dark black hole)

verse 2:
Guwahati city, xomoi douri paar hoi goise
spend it in the streets zen dhwoni nije siorise
mur gaan okol moi xunisu xepahot
keydinmanor pisot bajibo karubar androidot

(Guwahati city, time is running by
spend it in the streets like words are shouting itself
right now only I am listening to this song
few days later it will play in someone’s android)

bhangi matrixor aye maya tukura kori
dhwoni dekhi mounota xobo xekh joldi
garit bohi khirikit bhori dee, mark palai
agent smithe dekhi ahisilu he yaat gom pai

(break matrix all the maya into pieces
listening to the sound silence will be over fast
In the car with my foot on the screen put mark on it
agent smith will see it and will know I was here)

systemor bhitorot moholla gorom, firey heat
Moi fight korim matrixor character agent smith
aye xongeetor beat brutal distortion disu
kintu ayebur mur monor bhaab, xaanti pai asu

(system’s environment is heated up, fire like
I am gonna fight the matrix character agent smith
this song’s beat I have given brutal distortion
but these are my mind’s thoughts, I feel peace)

"Matrix Access Denied"
by Chandan Boruah

2016 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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