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The Southern Wind

uploaded: Tue, Apr 15, 2008 @ 11:44 PM
byGood Humor
FeaturingRiyu Konaka
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“The Southern Wind”
Poem by Bun Onoe
Poetry Reading & translation by Riyu

And now, you must be sitting on your desk, checking one by one, the bundle of manuscripts stacked up beofre your eyes
I can almost see your slender fingers holding a pen, and your small lips that sometimes gives a deep sigh,”fu-u-u-u-h”

I am lying down on the beach
As if I was a beer bottle that somebody had thrown away
I’m watching a large coconut leaf that goes and comes over my head

You know, It’s great here, there’s totally nothing.
A kingdom that has only the sky, the sea, and the wind, that sometimes tickles my ears.

Because I’ve never watched the sea, nor the sky so peacefully before,
There are moments when I feel a little unbalanced. For instance, a sign of a rental video shop suddenly appears in front of my eyes, you know?

So, I’m not going to tell you where this place is
If I tell you, I might feel as though I might feel like I want to go back home, even tomorrow.

A strange bird with a long beak comes flying down towards me, pulling my clothes off
An illusion like this suddenly comes to me

I, totally naked, am poor under the sun
My words always trying to look so cool, is weak under the sun.

Hey, now why don’t I I just become the slave of the sun?
Throwing my body naturally and obediendly to this sky, like the trees, and the grass?
The sun goes around,checking one by one, the lies that scatter all over my body
Why don’t I throw myself out to a time such as this?

The iron bridge is blue, ue, the river is white, a morning with lack of sleep, is black, that has a mist of a milky-white color, old friends are a warm orange color, a prayer, white, misunderstanding, yellow orcher, good memories are a light sky blue, bad memories are dark green, a baby is white, a closed window is sunset color, birth, white, and death, is also white

So here I am, lying on the sand beach, playing
Giving colors to words that come to my mind
Sometimes Feeling a little strange, as if I’m apologizing to someone frequently

I wonder if you are well
A feeling like this passes through me one moment, and is absorbed by the light of the sun

"The Southern Wind"
by Good Humor

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