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BMC slap bass samples

uploaded: Tue, Feb 12, 2008 @ 7:44 PM
byBruce H. McCosar
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I was experimenting around with Renoise and basically put together this set of samples to test out a few ideas. There are five main varieties in this pack:

[notename]_long — A slap tone on the A string, allowed to ring briefly.

[notename]_short — Staccato version of the above.

[notename]pop_long — ‘pop’ tone, voiced an octave higher, allowed to ring.

[notename]pop_short — same as previous, but staccato.

effects — two ‘thumps’ (muted notes) and four ‘hammer’ varieties.

I had a lot of success in using the long A, C, and Eb notes as the basis sets for two octaves of slap bass in Renoise. The machine still can’t play as good as I can ;-) but it can make eerie, deeper slap tones by playing the ones I’ve recorded an additional octave down.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /ABhamm.flac (70.54KB)
  • /abpophamm.flac (47.10KB)
  • /A_long.flac (47.08KB)
  • /apop_long.flac (44.89KB)
  • /apop_short.flac (21.00KB)
  • /A_short.flac (19.35KB)
  • /BbChamm.flac (54.74KB)
  • /bbcpophamm.flac (44.44KB)
  • /Bb_long.flac (40.92KB)
  • /bbpop_long.flac (43.59KB)
  • /bbpop_short.flac (18.08KB)
  • /Bb_short.flac (17.42KB)
  • /B_long.flac (66.36KB)
  • /bpop_long.flac (31.36KB)
  • /bpop_short.flac (17.77KB)
  • /B_short.flac (20.92KB)
  • /C_long.flac (90.47KB)
  • /cpop_long.flac (44.78KB)
  • /cpop_short.flac (18.75KB)
  • /C_short.flac (23.40KB)
  • /D_long.flac (54.79KB)
  • /dpop_long.flac (52.21KB)
  • /dpop_short.flac (19.00KB)
  • /D_short.flac (18.57KB)
  • /Eb_long.flac (61.54KB)
  • /ebpop_long.flac (58.58KB)
  • /ebpop_short.flac (16.87KB)
  • /Eb_short.flac (18.78KB)
  • /thump1.flac (14.66KB)
  • /thump2.flac (14.72KB)

"BMC slap bass samples"
by Bruce H. McCosar

2008 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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