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Werewolf (slap bass) 5/4 128 bpm

uploaded: Wed, Feb 6, 2008 @ 6:23 PM
byBruce H. McCosar
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The Werewolf set are five raw tracks from song #8 on my third Jamendo album.

The original song was in 5/4, and has the following chord sequence:

Bbm7 (variable), then:

B13 % Ab13 %
B13 % Caug % % %

The ‘Caug’ section is based on the C augmented scale (C D# E G Ab B).

However, don’t worry about that. Just sample what you want and create something new. I chopped the files to bare minimum for upload — you’d have to do some shifting around to match the keyboard part to the bass parts.

Nah, why bother. Just download and have fun.

"Werewolf (slap bass) 5/4 128 bpm"
by Bruce H. McCosar

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