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Angel (The Summer Soliloquy Remix)

uploaded: Wed, Jun 23, 2010 @ 1:21 PM
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I have never written a hip hop song/done anything with hip hop in my life up until now, so please don’t criticize me too hard. This is a remix of Angel by J.Lang. I heard it and originally was going to remix it with sung lines, but it suddenly became a hip hop song.

The lyrics:
I just can’t help but remember waiting games all last December, it would take a hundred years just to get through the day. But I could settle down and have some time to try to see if you, like I, were sifting through sands of mistakes to find your way to a future, quite constructed, served with small details and stable contact, daily contact, between two adults who know that guarded secrets only tear the seams of aspirations, hopes and dreams and can’t amount anything worth using on this path.
At first, I got the feeling that before we both were leaving you would like to take a chance, cultivate a young romance, use these last 6 months to build a new empire, sit atop thrones even higher than the others’. Let them break theirs down if they wish. We’d be keeping busy building, testing boundaries, marking calendars, commenting on old days back when we were scared to think of what the other might if we kept staring, innocence was overbearing. For a doubter, you’re the most covincing reason for a Reason I have ever seen. Now I just have this creeping feeling that you’re waiting ‘til the summer’s out. The falling of the leaves will mark arrivals at our destinations and burn bridges we’ve constructed and maintained our youthful years. Will you return as the same one I knew?

I watched you everyday and I swear I watched you watch me and thought all the motivations for the actions you were taking stemmed from small desires, shielded from the public’s eyes. Either I am terrible at reading people or you changed your mind or you just knew that I would feel this way. How could I feel any different? You were throwing and receiving glances, I’ve gone over this a thousand times and it presents every time that you and I were waiting on 3 words that never came and they won’t have the chance again. But if you were waiting on me to speak up and every ounce of blame that comes from this deleneates straight back to me I say I missed the greatest chance at aiding Earth and all its citizens in seeing what the capabilities of them could be. So much more than what I see on day to day when I look out to find someone and find the world has no response for me. So I just need before this summer ends for all these questions to resolve, regardless of their bias and lost opportunities.

"Angel (The Summer Soliloquy Remix)"
by axton

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