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Cabin Fever mix

uploaded: Wed, Dec 16, 2009 @ 9:26 PM
FeaturingSackjo. St Paul,Yewbic,ERH,JCH321,Gorgoroth6669
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Enjoyed seeing all the white cube mixes pour in—-congrats to Sackjo and Gurdonark. I had the files and was going to try to do something but it didn’t work out, was going to just upload what I had as samples but thought I might as well have another go at it, so tonight that’s what I did, for some reason it came out all noisy. Was thinking cube ,trapped,bouncing around inside, cabin fever type thing—you know what I mean dont you? There quite a few folks in here—not all are recognizable—-
Sackjo—spoken word and additional voices.
St Paul uploaded additional female voices , honest they are in there.
Some grunts, wolves, growls from freesound folks.

"Cabin Fever mix"
by AT

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