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Having Fun

uploaded: Sun, Nov 15, 2015 @ 5:25 AM
FeaturingPoet Curious
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For the 11th birthday secret mixter celebration, I managed to convince Poet Curious to grace the microphone once more.

‘Scomber’ was given to me to as the person to ‘remix’ and I was blown away by his skill level! Some of his tracks reminded me of ‘Loose Ends’ who were one of my favourite street soul groups back in the 80’s.
I couldn’t improve on his tracks, so with the help of Curious, had to take things in a different direction.

While not directly a response to what has happened in the last couple of days in Paris, the message in the chorus is directly relevant. It is with greatest respect to those who lost their lives, their families and anyone who is suffering due to needless conflicts worldwide that we use the Universal Zulu Nation mantra of ‘Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun’. It also brings to mind another of the tracks Curious and I posted here over 10 years ago now: ‘Can’t We Just All Get Along?’

On that note, we focus on life and positivity, so huge shouts to the kids for the additional vocals: Amia, Buckley,Fiaba, Gaia, Luca and Zadie!

Wan Luv!

"Having Fun"

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Editorial pick

Featuring important vocals from the Poet Curious, Ashwan has produced an Irie hip-hop track featuring stems by the talented Scomber and a children’s chorus that sparks the heart. Reminiscent of the most inspirational spoken word tracks by Faithless, “Having Fun” hops with groove while it transforms your soul.