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byAndrew Wainwright
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people are people
and what makes me sad
is even the worst of us
are more good than bad

but our overlords love
to focus the blame
giving the bogeyman
national fame

they want us to spend out
on big locks and guns
and throw us in jail
if we want to have fun

they’ll make a big deal
about a death at a rave
but a death in the high street
no coverage is made
and sometimes when lying
awake in the night
i wonder if david icke
may well have been right

it’s always the killjoys
the guys we abhor
they find no malice
in starting a war
they’ll moan if we smoke
they’ll moan if we drink
and go total apeshit
if we dare to just think

as john lennon said
you might think you are free
but you’re just a mere peasant
living in a dressed up tyranny

by Andrew Wainwright

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Creative Commons
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