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Lady Margret (Ghost Reggae Mix)

uploaded: Wed, Oct 28, 2015 @ 6:21 PM
FeaturingJohnny Sockhead
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A seasonal upload - I tweeked this former collaboration with Johnny Sockhead a bit and added a few more haunts. Lady Margret is an ancient English folk ballad of supernatural terror,love,death and peculiar redemption. This version is jettisoned into left-field by rendering it in a reggae format!
Lady Margret sat in her bower combin’ down her long yellow hair she saw sweet William and his new maid-bride going to the church for prayers. she threw down her ivory comb she threw back her long yellow hair she threw herself from the high tower and swore she would lie there. Lady Margret died - in the middle of the night… when all the rest were asleep.. (sorrow - sorrow) Her spirit left her fair body and stood at Williams feet. How do you like your feather bed? How do you like your sheet? How do you like the fair young maid, lies in your arms asleep? Very well do I like my bed says he… better do I like my sheet… most of all do I like the fair lady who stands at my bed feet… Lady Margret died in the middle of the night, Sweet William died on the ‘morrow… Lady Margret died for pure good love William died for sorrow. Lady Margret was buried in the high church yard William right beside her… out of Margret’s breast grew a red red rose out of William’s a briar… they grew ‘till they reached the old church top…. they could grow no higher… they formed a true love’s knot the rose around the briar….”

"Lady Margret (Ghost Reggae Mix)"
by Anchor

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