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Where I Stand with harmony

uploaded: Sun, Apr 12, 2009 @ 8:53 PM last modified: Sun, Apr 12, 2009 @ 9:10 PM  (replace)
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This is a harmony track of the entire piece by shannonsongs, Where I Stand. The exception is the bridge, which I’m just not sure of yet, so nothing is there. But the rest of the piece I’m happy with.

(This is my first submission to ccmixter, of somebody else’s music. Be gentle, woo-juh
:’ )

I recorded using Audacity.

Consider at least listening to the first verse and chorus, and then the last chorus. There is a nice subtle twist at the end, but you gotta hear the entire last chorus to feel it appropriately.

I wouldn’t choose to actually put harmony during the entire song, but I figured it is easy enough to cut pieces out…and besides, I had fun.

(The only other reservation I have is that the quality of my recording is just not as crisp and clean as the melody track. Either my microphone or sound card needs to be upgraded, or my brain needs to be educated.)

BY THE WAY: I did not listen to any other tracks of this song, except the vocal-melody track. I especially did not listen to the harmony track. I didn’t want to be influenced. I’m about to listen to it, as soon as I submit this…I hope it’s not exactly the same!

Thanks for such a beautiful song, shannonsongs! And thanks to anyone for your comments and suggestions…and for any uplifting or amusing anecdotes.

"Where I Stand with harmony"
by aliteralmind

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