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pietruch`s drums samples

uploaded: Sat, Dec 3, 2005 @ 2:09 PM
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  • /Pietruchs drums pack/1.wav (48.71Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/10.wav (45.43Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/2.wav (50.20Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/3.wav (98.47Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/4.wav (25.46Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/5.wav (90.00Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/6.wav (51.11Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/7.wav (48.18Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/8.wav (47.63Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/9.wav (345.96Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/hi1.wav (46.79Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/hi2.wav (52.49Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/I`ll start.wav (532.37Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/powerblu.wav (197.34Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/powerblu2.wav (124.43Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/powerblu3.wav (131.15Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/snare.wav (43.72Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/snare1.wav (42.00Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/snare2.wav (38.74Kb)
  • /Pietruchs drums pack/snare3.wav (43.72Kb)

"pietruch`s drums samples"
by _ghost

2005 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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