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Take me Away

uploaded: Thu, Feb 26, 2015 @ 1:07 PM last modified: Thu, Feb 26, 2015 @ 1:48 PM  (add)
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This song is meant to be the feeling of triumph over obstacles and extreme optimism. The piece builds and builds to a crescendo of bright celebration. Think “Chariots of Fire”

I had originally intended to have a vocalist singing at the drop and have a real pianist do the piano parts in the chorus as well.

This is me calling you out snowflake! Take it away!

This track is absolutely huge so be patient with me as I get the stems to you.

Note: I will not upload Trance drum loops from the song because of the generic nature of Euphoric trance loops in general. Make your own please

Contents of ZIP Archive: Drone Stab

  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_Drone Stab -001.mp3 (3.14MB)
  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_Drone Stab -002.mp3 (1.51MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Pads

  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_LowPad-001.mp3 (2.69MB)
  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_LowPad-002.mp3 (679.54KB)
  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_Pad-001.mp3 (4.96MB)
  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_Pad-002.mp3 (964.30KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Arps & Plucks

  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_HugePlk.mp3 (4.61MB)
  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_Nordarp-001.mp3 (9.01MB)
  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_Nordarp-002.mp3 (1.58MB)
  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_Ostinato .mp3 (12.23MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Piano

  • /- takemeaway1-16_freeze_Piano-001.mp3 (2.76MB)
  • /- takemeaway1-16_freeze_Piano-002.mp3 (839.67KB)
  • /- takemeaway1-16_freeze_Piano-003.mp3 (1.72MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Midi

  • /Chorus2ndpart.MID (842)
  • /PreChorusHarpSolo.MID (1.16KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Bassline

  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_Low bass.mp3 (4.48MB)
  • /- takemeaway1-16_1_freeze_Run bass.mp3 (8.32MB)

"Take me Away"
by Xalpheric

2015 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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