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Ghosts Invade

uploaded: Tue, Jan 4, 2011 @ 12:18 PM
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I really like how this song turned out. It took me a while to get everything the way I wanted it and there are still a couple of things about it that I might end up going back and changing.

Oh I almost forgot I am going to try to condense some of the tracks and post them seperatly when I have time so that if anyone want to remix this song they will be able to.

This song sort of came out of the comment that sackjo posted on my last song about glitch and my listening to the glitchmob the last couple of weeks. Im not sure if this is considered glitch or not but I like the plodding pace that it has.

Anyway as always thanks for listening :)

"Ghosts Invade"
by ghosts4hire

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