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Cheat on Life

uploaded: Sun, Mar 26, 2017 @ 6:11 AM
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Vocal lines from The Spin Wires song “Cheat on Life”

A shot in your right hand
will take you to the promise land
a burst to your pineal gland
will make you hard to understand
now the roof is not my child but I’ll raise it raise it
the money isn’t mine but I’ll fake it and I’ll take it

Free love comes easy if you care
Its the biggest social affair
loud music to drive fast
they’ll be no work they’ll be no class
warm summer cold beer in hand
every nights a one night stand
its easy to be so free
come cheat on life with me

The hate that you were looking for
there’s nothing like that hate no more
The love that you were pining for
there’s plenty more so don’t feel sore

Now if I had a one up then i’d take it take it
I’d get an extra chance to fake it till I made it

Free love Free love Free love for you I don’t know what to do girl I don’t know what to do with you.

"Cheat on Life"
by Thespinwires

2017 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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