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uploaded: Sat, Jun 27, 2009 @ 10:58 AM last modified: Mon, Jun 29, 2009 @ 2:09 PM  (add)
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I am no judge about Michael Jackson_s life, I was only a listener of his music. I didn_t liked all of his songs, but there have beeen some very good ones that influenced me.

In the mid 90s, my former musical mate Mathias Kuehn wanted to do a song like “You are not alone”. So we tried to do something similiar.(At this time we thought it was similiar).
I thought it could be some tribute now, because we never published this song or did something else with it. It is old, the sound is not the best, the style may sound cheezy or something. I found Kristin Hersh_s song “Fortune” and there have been only 6 or 7 small pitch corrections on her vocals. I hope not to offend!
Before I mixed the two tracks, I had a listen to all other remixes on “Fortune”. Some are experimental, some are dark, some are sophisticated or very special. This is just pop music.

R.i.p Mr. Jackson.

Co-composer: Mathias Kuehn
Fretless bass: Mathias Wedeken

Update 6.29.2009:

Fourstones asked for the stems. i only have the instrumental and some midi files. The midi files and the instrumental are not exactly the same as i think there have been some later versions of it somewhere on a 3.5 inch disk somewhere…
I also couldn_t find the audio file for the bass, but I know, I still have it. Somewhere on my ancient ADAT tapes. I can_t promise, but someday I may have a look.(12 or 13 years history now)
The original version also had a solo part. In the remix I did cut it out. The different percussion parts are not all GM-modus, but I think it shouldn_t be a problem to transpose and find the right sound for it while listening to the instrumental.
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