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ccMixter Promo (Everglades)

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I have created this pella and spoke the words along with some music. What I am hoping is that someone with a voice like say csoul, admiralBob, RadioTimes, etc with a raspy voice will help add atmosphere to this piece when they sing it. Yes, this piece was written to be sung however, I have the voice of someone having been in the desert for a month with no water.

ccMixter Promo (Everglades)

I’m sitting here contemplating,
With tunes playing in my ears.
An Osprey and Hawk are soaring up above.
While alligators rest near.
They are all listening to ccMixter.
The place where to get all your tunes.
But best of all is, they are completely free,
Which artist should I choose now?

——— [Spoken words]—————

Released under the Creative Commons License. is the place to pick up your next mixing project material.

———-[End of Spoken words]———

The Everglades at night has less sounds than ccMixter,
So don’t be shy upload your pell or tune.

"ccMixter Promo (Everglades)"
by Syenta

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