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Homesick (2021)

uploaded: Sun, Jul 4, 2021 @ 8:44 AM last modified: Sun, Jul 4, 2021 @ 8:52 AM  (add)
bySiobhan Dakay
FeaturingKizzy Lotus
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Back in 2014 when I was relatively new with doing music I mixed Kizzy Lotus Homesick with my old name here:

Now years later it bugged me that the vocals were partly inaudible and I started to copy my old work which was done with a different DAW and different plugins (inable to export the stems).

So here is the result of my work trying to copy myself just to bring the vocals more upfront.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Sample

  • /Homesick - Pad.flac (17.56MB)
  • /Homesick - Strum Guitar.flac (12.47MB)
  • /Homesick - Woodstick.flac (8.44MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Sample

  • /Homesick - E-Guitar.flac (9.62MB)
  • /Homesick - Fairlight.flac (6.35MB)
  • /Homesick - Lead.flac (3.88MB)
  • /Homesick - March Drums.flac (13.17MB)
  • /Homesick - Pad 2.flac (10.91MB)
  • /__MACOSX/._Homesick - Pad 2.flac (276)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Sample

  • /Homesick - Bass Arp.flac (8.61MB)
  • /Homesick - Bongo.flac (9.12MB)
  • /Homesick - Dark Drums.flac (3.34MB)
  • /Homesick - Digitized Arp.flac (8.56MB)

"Homesick (2021)"
by Siobhan Dakay

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