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Broken Token

uploaded: Thu, Jun 4, 2020 @ 5:33 PM last modified: Thu, Jun 4, 2020 @ 5:33 PM  (add)
byRobert Warrington
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I like the apparent simplicity but epic feel of this Stefan Kartenberg upload. I’ve just added some Bill Ray drums and a vocal.

Woke up this morning
The world I’d been born in had come to an end
Legs akimbo, head in limbo
A broken token in my hand
A song about some lovesick jerk
Came from a radio that no longer worked
Lie to me again

I joined the ambulance brigade
But my first lesson in first aid was in the twilight zone
A vulture strummed, a carrion crow pecked at a skin drum
A hyena played a xylophone with bones
Death conducting with a flaming stave
Black sun rising on my baby’s grave
Lie to me again

My supervisor stole my visor
And my hand sanitizer as I dug another pit
He said ‘I never said what I said
And even if I did, I meant the opposite’
Now he’s king of all the valley
All the munchkins sing out at his rally
‘Lie to my again’

Go tell my salamander that I’m dead
Break it to him gently please
Put all my worldly goods on red
And please remember to hand in my keys
As for the queen of Arcady
Tell me that she cried for me
Lie to me again

The four horsemen rode through my neighbourhood
They didn’t look like I thought they would, I must confess
A monkey on a donkey, a fool on a mule, a clown the wrong way round
On a pony and a suit with the head of an ass
The rose in the forest bloomed unseen
Oh rabbit made of velveteen
Lie to me again

Please don’t make me beg for your love
Please don’t make me beg
I don’t want to hang my hope of love
On anybody’s peg
Searching in your face and body
For the place of sun-warmed honey
Lie to me again

"Broken Token"
by Robert Warrington

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