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White Devil Blues

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byRobert Warrington
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Thanks to Annon for remixing me recently. I’ve tried to repay the compliment.

The ground is hard
The planet’s dark
The tree is twisted
Into a question mark

Why am I here?
Using up space?
Fouling the nest?
Stinking out the place?

I wear a hero’s cape
So the truth gets blurred
I’m a blot on the landscape
I’m a fly on a turd

I’m a garbage heap
I’m as ugly as sin
I’m a dog’s dinner
I’m what the cat dragged in

Tried to make a false promise
But I lost my forked tongue
Found it squirming in the dust
Where it has been all along

Put it back in my mouth
But it didn’t work right
Now when I break my word
It hangs out all night

I’m a stain on the carpet
I’m a scuff on the wall
I was conjured by a wizard
My stuff’s no good at all

I come from bad blood
I was grown on mould
There’s no way I could count
All the lies I’ve told

I was born as impure
As I could be
All the sins of the white man
They’re all on me

I’m from an evil race
I smell of bad news
I’m a den of thieves
I even stole the blues

"White Devil Blues"
by Robert Warrington

2016 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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